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How to Use Ticketing System - 10 Ways to Build a Delightful CX

How does the ticketing system work?

  • It starts with creating a document that first records the interaction with assistance. This interaction is shared with both representatives and customers and logs their communication.
  • When reps have any update regarding the issue, they alert via the same ticket. If customers have any confusion, they can also communicate using the same ticket. When the issue is resolved, either the customer or reps closes the ticket.
  • Instead of every time communicating with different representatives, they can continue communicating with the same person till the end of the issue. Some ticketing system softwares includes customer review tabs. Every time an issue is resolved, it records customer reviews.

10 ways to build delight customer service:

  • The more customer base you have with you to interact with, the more customer service base you need. Adding a ticketing system to your help desk will be a great way to overcome the roadblock and smooth the business services.
  • What you can do to improve relationships with your customers? The answer is: improve customer service. No matter how good your product is, one of the common things that customers remember is the direct interaction with your company reps.
  • The bottom line is your customer service team is the face of your company, and customers’ experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support staff.
  • A smart company will already have nice customer relationships. Good customer service centers listen carefully and attend customers’ needs and wants. If you are not looking for opportunities to improve your customer service, your relationships will become foul.

By adding a ticketing system to the company, representatives can easily organize the cases and also can handle multiple cases at once. They can prioritize the cases by its label and resolve the cases soon.

Also, the ticketing system helps deal with critical cases where customers are filing huge amounts of support to tackle difficult issues. A ticketing system identifies the segment of resolving urgent cases first.

Moreover, the ticketing system is the centralization of all information. All the tickets are stored in one software so the representative can find case details at any time and also use it as reference for future cases.

When customers are finding solutions, it can be possible that they may use different channels to communicate with the team. They may use twitter and write, calling for updates or email the team. This will make communication with teams confusing because representatives have to deal with at least 20 customers a day.

Ticketing system moves all communication in one thread. No matter what other medium is used by customers, the ticketing system logs the problem at one place. Even if the customer talks to the different representative, the communication will be transferred to the original ticket. They won’t miss important details about your case and faster your resolutions.

Ticketing system makes everything easy for customers and representatives to communicate in a better way. Customers can easily write their questions using a ticket via email so that representatives can easily answer them.

Moreover, when consumers face a problem with products or services or have a question about your company, they expect a quick and decent response.Today, customers have no time to wait for the problem to be resolved. Therefore, taking hours to deal with customer support can seriously dishearten customer satisfaction

In that case, representatives can always set expectations after the cases have come so customers can know what to expect from the next communication. By providing such kind of transparency of the customers, it creates trustworthy experience.

Also, some modern customers like to have self help options. One way to offer these options is to enhance the FAQ section. See what the most common questions are and write answers for them so that customers can easily get their solutions in no time.

A company can also combine the FAQ section with the auto-reply. They might actually find the solution they need easily.

Every customer needs to feel heard and served. Listening to them is the key skill set that representatives can develop. Approach problems with actively paying attention to it. After the customer is finished, clarify their questions to make them feel that you have understood them quite well. By listening to them, companies will truly become an exceptional listener of their customers.

While resolving customers issues, it’s important to use positive words so that they don’t get disheartened. Using the right kind of words will create empathy between company and customer relationships. Use words like ‘I would like to understand your question better’ instead of ‘i didn’t get you well.’ Every customer is looking for a genuine representative who understands their problem and replies in a positive way to maintain good engagement with them.

Also, sometimes the company does not make mistakes but the customer does. Even though it’s the client’s fault, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to come up with a solution. It shows people how much your company cares about customers, and it really takes the customer who made the mistake surprised by your pleasant response.

Before resolving customer problems, understand the ticketing software in the best manner. Customers may ask you any type of questions, so it’s important that as a company representative, all technicalities are understood. Before resolving, first understand the whole software, how to use live chat, how to give updates on tickets etc. This way, companies can resolve cases in shorter time and customers don’t waste their time.

Sometimes representatives don't have more knowledge about their products or services. Hence, it’s likely to happen that customers will not be satisfied with the response. Learn the products and its specialities to understand questions asked about products. This way, resps will be able to troubleshoot issues and learn the tricks to use the products.

As a customer reps, it's important to communicate well with customers especially to someone who has a different native language. Customers don't want all the details. They want their particular problems to be solved. Also, be able to hold the conversation if you want to talk to your manager. It’s important to sound clear and give them what they want. This way, the relationship gets more robust and reps can win customers trust.

One of the most common complaints of SaaS customers is that getting in touch with support or with a live person. After that customers already searched and found an answer to their question or either canceled the service. As a company, always being present at every medium where customers can start their conversation is a must.

For example, customers nowadays shop at different mediums. It’s important that the connectivity to the same ground should cover call support, email support, social media support, and in person support as well. Customers should have seamless communication on whichever channel they use. Making it easy for them and improving on channels will give enhancement in the company's support system. Also, write specific hours of working for the customer service department so that they know on which time they should connect with the company reps.

To increase consumers' fast response rates, it’s clear the only way you can do that is by having a dedicated customer support department that works 24/7 if you have a large customer base.

The best way to offer such support is to hire multiple customer reps and have them work in shifts. If you don’t have a big enough budget, you should also consider outsourcing customer support positions to freelancers – either in your country or abroad – since it lets you save money on renting office space.

Moreover, when customers contact on social media, either to ask for support, leave a complaint, or ask a question. They’re not doing it only because it’s easy but because they expect a fast reply.

If you don’t respond on time, customers will likely complain about that to their friends and social media followers. And platforms like Facebook make it easy for users to see what your average response time is. In that case, it’s important that companies have focused employees on replying to comments from customers to increase customer satisfaction.

Live chat calls are a more easier way to communicate with customers and resolve their issues. Every customer wants to feel connected so always common grounds for them to make them more comfortable.

Customer feedback is one of the most important things your business can have. It tells you a lot about your customer satisfaction levels as the feedback is a clear indicator of how happy or sad customers are with your products, services, and brand overall.

Moreover, customer feedback can also help you improve your services and products, and give you data that makes it easier to make the right business decisions. Taking their issues seriously shows customers how much you value their opinions.

Best way to understand the customer service department performance is to ask your customers. Use surveys forms to track customer service metrics and see individual reps performance. In feedback forms, ask such questions like “How knowledgeable would you say our service representative was?” As a company, you will understand which areas your department excel at and which ones you need to improve.

Plus, you could also run social media polls asking customers to rate which part of their engagement with your company they like the most and to comment how they can improve more. Run surveys through mails to gauge customers’ reactions and expectations whenever you want to introduce a product, or service. Because it’s a sure way to boost customer satisfaction levels once you know everything.

After that, data can be structured in different formats like infographics, videos, and shared with the other departments through company emails or newsletters. Use more visual content as it makes it more engaging for employees.

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