Who We Are

SpecsScale is a web development company providing services for five years now. We have developed this company for main two reasons: providing quality websites that have maximum speed page and designed with customization according to clients’ needs.

SpecsScale is a Surat-based Web development and content marketing company. Apart from designing websites, we also build content that is research-based for our client’s websites and blogs.

We offer world-class information technology services to business enterprises and build software for the ease of the company process and management system.

We have been working with clients in many industries like healthcare, e-commerce, online booking, insurance, real estate, education, entertainment, and gaming. It was an unforgettable journey with clients and giving us an opportunity to give our best.

Apart from software development, we also guide websites for SEO and social media marketing.

Our Experience

Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years

Our Mission

SpecsScale mission is not to stop till web development but gain experiences in many other web properties like building good blogs and provide social media marketing services to clients for all solutions.

Our Vision

SpecsScale vision is to make solid & modern designs, create impeccable software for business solutions and make web designing on the next level. 

Happy Clients

Our Key Beliefs


SpecScale believes that every business CRM software and web development should include integrity in-between the process. The whole business process should run in one flow and for that, SpecScale offers ultimate CRM application development software for all business suit.


SpecScale builds easy to use and user-friendly platforms for business and customers. We believe in solutions simplicity than anything above.

Clean Backend Coding

When it comes to functionality of the website, SpecScale comes into the clean coding picture. Behind every website, there is a robust coding that goes well and not down the site. We code sites that gets minimum issues backside so that your customers feel a smooth website.


With modern internet solutions, we build speed web platforms. We offer speed optimization solutions to your website and apps to be the best business in the world. For us, speed is the utmost important aspect of computing and therefore, we develop web platforms that have ultra-speed and responsive.


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